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Kiwi Colour Steel Roofing is our Pre-painted steel lineup. It has been designed specifically for the New Zealand environment. It acknowledges the need for longer lasting and more durable paint due to the fact that New Zealand experiences significantly higher levels of UV radiation compared to other countries around the globe.

Kiwi Colour prepainted steel roofing is manufactured by world-leading Prepaint mills with ISO certification, so we can ensure the quality of the product you receive is second to none.

The Kiwi Colour steel roofing brand is available in two different product lines, KiwiColour VITOR & KiwiColour ZENEX both of which are specifically suited for different environments and atmospheric conditions.

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G A Metal Roofing offer a Metal Re-Roofing service which includes removal your existing Roof cladding, whether it be corrugated iron, tiled roof or asbestos sheeting and replace it with a profile of your choice, available from the Kiwi Colour Steel Roofing range of Products.

Our Installation Service Involves;

  • Removal & disposing of the existing roofing material
  • New battens
  • Insulation blanket for thermal and acoustic efficiency
  • New gutters & downpipes if required
  • Kiwi Colour Steel Roofing sheets
  • New ridge capping, barge capping & valley irons
  • A choice of 20 colours regularly updated in keeping with current trends

G A Metal Roofing also provide a Metal Roofing service for all other requirements;

  • Home, granny flat & garage roof installation
  • Guttering, fascia & downpipes
  • Carports, verandahs & awnings
  • Polycarbonate Roofing
  • Commercial & Industrial Roofing
  • Box gutters, valley irons & custom made flashings

At G A Metal Roofing we take a professional approach to roofing, our aim at G A Metal Roofing is to provide you with the best possible service, with the highest quality workmanship. Using the best products available at a price affordable to you.