Roof safety

roof safetyHome owners need to be aware of roof safety and the risks of climbing up and walking over their roof – not only the risk from a fall at height, but the risk of  damaging the roofing material.

  • Never walk on ‘brittle roofing’, skylights or  clear sheeting.
  • Avoid the hazards by leaving it to an expert.
  • Anyone working at height is required by law to comply with the requirements of the Health & Safety in Employment Act and Regulations and take all necessary safety precautions.

Safety precautions often involve either the installation of an edge protection system, erection of scaffolding or contractors harnessed to a secure area. The cost of erecting scaffolding or installing edge protection etc. is normally built into the contract or quote. GA Metal Roofing is experienced with working at height and will undertake a site check before commencing any work to identify any safety hazards and safety equipment required for your particular job.

We are extremely proud of our safety record.

G A Metal Roofing are experts in the field of roof restorations, roofing repairs and guttering, metal roofing, roof cleaning, roof safety, roof damage and we undertake many forms of roofing insurance work.

I you need roof repairs in Auckland roofing restorations are our business every day of the week and we have the people and skills to bring your old roof back to life quickly and looking like new.

We are also specialist installers of guttering, downpipes, roof ventilators and skylights allowing you to have all your roofing installation completed all at once.

In fact when you use G A Metal Roofing for all your roof repairs, roof Damage and roofing restorations your roof will look like a new roof. G A Metal Roofing If you need roof repairs in Auckland.

At G A Metal Roofing we take a professional approach to roof repairs, roof damage and include the following:

  • Re-bedding on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Re-pointing on all ridge caps and gables.
  • Lead flashing repair or replacement.
  • Valleys either treated for rust or replaced.
  • High pressure cleaning.
  • Water proofing
Our aim at G A Metal Roofing is to provide you with the best possible service, with the highest quality workmanship. Using the best products available at a price affordable to you.