Rusting Metal Roofs

rusting metal roofsYou won’t find any of our roofs rusting but sometimes rusting metal roofs have acquired rust from metal fixtures such as antennas or chimneys.

You can’t remove rust with your average cleaning solution and  a water blaster.

GA Metal Roofing will give you a thorough assessment, identifying current and potential problems and give you a timely and cost-effective solution.

If you have a rusty metal roof, you need to remove the rust, then keep it from coming back. You can either remove metal roof rust yourself or hire a professional. Likewise, prevent the return of a rusting metal roof either with a DIY paint job or a professional coating. A trusted professional is more likely to provide a complete, attractive and lasting solution to your rusty metal roof, but a DIY job will, of course, save money.

Get Rid of Rusting metal roofs

Most of the time, not every speck of rust needs to be removed before recoating a rusting metal roofs. Instead, use a heavy power washer or a light sand blaster to blast away all the loose, flaking metal roof rust. The water or sand will also remove dirt, mildew and flaking paint from the surface. For stubborn metal roof rust that somehow survives a power blasting, try Trisodium Phosphate (TSP).

You can probably rent a power washer or sand blaster, but using either of them on your roof can be dangerous work, and you may not get at all the metal roof rust that needs to be removed. It may be worth the cost to hire a professional to blast away at your rusting metal roof.

Keep the Rust from Returning to your rusting metal roofs

Of course, you will probably just have rusting metal roofs again in a few months if you don’t coat the metal. Again, you have the option of painting the roof yourself or hiring a professional company to paint the roof or add a specialized coating.

If you choose to paint the roof, wash and rinse the roof thoroughly and let it dry. Start painting with a zinc primer, which can help prevent metal roof rust. Specialized metal roof paints are available for the top coat. Still, you may need to repaint the roof every few years to prevent the revenge of the metal roof rust.

The other option is an acrylic coating. Most of these coatings leave a metallic finish, but they block out metal roof rust for up to 10 years. Visit the Roof Coatings Manufacturers Association for more information on roof coatings and to find a company in your area.

Whether you perform the work or hire a professional, attack your rusting metal roof and prevent it from coming back.